Environmental policy

Hotel Kakola – Environmental policy

Environmental issues and sustainable development are an important part of contemporary hotel operations. In recognition of this, Hotel Kakola wants to be known as sustainable development pioneer and environmentally-friendly operator.

We have taken environmental aspects and responsibility into account starting from the design of the hotel itself. The old structures and logs of the building have been renovated for reuse, and soundproofing is provided by Finnish peat boards, for example. The machinery and equipment of the hotel have also been chosen with energy-efficiency in mind.

Every one of our hotel rooms features a Finnish carbonator, which transforms the best tap water in the world into sparkling water. We have also opted to design most of our rooms without energy-consuming minibars.

All of our disposable plates and containers are made from biodegradable materials and only used for takeout products.
Our restaurant focuses on pure Finnish food sourced from local producers. Food waste monitoring and reduction are part of our daily routine.
We are aware of our responsibilities, and sustainable development values are part of our DNA.  Our hotel has an environmental officer, and sustainability matters are part of our new employee orientation. We keep our skills and knowledge up to date through internal communication and by organising environmental training.

We strive to impress our values on our guests as well and steer them towards more sustainable consumption by facilitating recycling in our rooms and providing guidance on energy conservation and ecological mobility, for example.

Environmental and social responsibility are important values for us, which is why Hotel Kakola wants to promote environmental awareness and sustainable development. We are committed to complying with environmental legislation and reducing our environmental load, and we expect all of our cooperation partners and stakeholders to do so as well.

Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact and constantly improve our operations. We are committed to monitoring and developing the environmental aspects of our operations.  We utilise all available resources to achieve our goal; Hotel Kakola is Green Key certified and currently in process of applying for Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme.