Restaurant Ruben

Ravintola Turku

Restaurant Ruben

Restaurant Ruben is open to everyone, whether you are a guest at the hotel or not. The recipe for a remarkable dining experience is high-quality, locally produced food, brilliant service and the historic location in a former prison canteen.

Our kitchen values the origin of its raw ingredients and, for that reason, we primarily support local producers. Our menu changes with the seasons to enable us to offer our guests the best dining experience possible.

Aamupala Hotel Kakola Ruben


Mon-Fri 6.30-10.00

Sat-Sun 7.00-11.00

Breakfast 19€/person. Breakfast is included in the room rate for hotel guests. 

Begin your day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Our breakfast spread consists of domestic ingredients, so, for example, instead of fruits that are foreign to our region, we offer different berries that grow right here in Finland.


Tuesday-Friday 11.00-16.00
Saturday 12.00-16.00

À la carte Turku

À la carte

Monday 16.00-21.00 (only All Day Menu)

Tuesday-Saturday 16.00-22.00 

At dinner, you can enjoy the delectable bounty of local producers.

It’s our honour and pride to use domestic ingredients, particularly those that are produced locally. We want to contribute to climate change mitigation and reduce the carbon footprint. This is also reflected in the content of our menus.